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Lisa Ann Espich
Lisa Espich is married to a recovering alcoholic and drug addict. After nearly two decades of living through the turbulence of an addictive relationship, she created a plan to gain back control of her life. She discovered, through the process of making her own improvements, that her husband began to make positive changes as well. Eventually, he admitted himself into treatment, and they are now enjoying a healthy marriage. With her newfound strength, she knows that regardless of whether or not her husband remains clean, she will continue on her path of happiness and success.

Lisa and Dan EspichLisa lives in Tucson, Arizona, where she is surrounded by a loving and supportive family. She is a successful manager and coach for a Fortune 500 company. Soaring Above Co-Addiction is her debut book. After creating her own personal program for recovery from co-addiction, and witnessing the remarkable transformation by her husband, she is now passionate about helping other families to heal from the devastating effects of addiction.

Lisa’s husband, Dean, runs his own millwork business. Once consumed by his addiction to alcohol, crack cocaine, and prescriptions pills of all kinds, he is now clean and sober, and has a new outlook on life. He shares Lisa’s desire for helping others who are struggling to overcome the effects of addiction. Together, they facilitate workshops based on the principles in Lisa‘s book. Click here for more information about the workshops.

Lisa would love to share her story with your organization. She is an engaging speaker and can tailor her presentation to fit your needs. She also appreciates hearing from her readers. If you are struggling in a relationship with an addict, or if you have a success story to share, you can contact Lisa at